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 The Hartley Trailer Sailer Range

Hartley trailer sailers range from a mere 12' up to 21'. The 21' can even be extended to 23' by following precise instructions from the man himself, Mr Richard Hartley.

All Hartley trailer sailers can be easily built of marine plywood and timber and all make an amazingly rewarding home building project.

Full constructions plans and drawings are readily available from Hartleys Boat Plans.

Hartley TS12 Trailer Sailer

Hartley TS12 Trailer Sailer At 3.66m the Hartley TS12 is the smallest of the range.

Plans for the Hartley TS12: Hartley TS12 Construction Plans

Photo: The Hartley Trailer Sailer Gallery

Hartley TS14 Trailer Sailer

Hartley TS14 Trailer Sailer The Hartley TS14 is 4.27m long and can be built with or without a cuddy and as a centre-boarder or a bilge keeler. The cuddy version has two bunks making a cosy cabin for week-end cruising, while the cockpit has seats for 6 for day sailing.

The level cockpit floor provides extra sleeping by night under a canopy.

Plans for the Hartley TS14: Hartley TS14 Construction Plans

Photo: The Hartley Trailer Sailer Gallery

Hartley TS16 Trailer Sailer

Hartley Trailer Sailer 16
Hartley TS16 Trailer Sailer This is the little yacht that started it all - and is Australia's most popular trailer sailer. The 5m long TS16 was in fact responsible for the 'trailer-sailer' name. Plans for centreboard, bilge keels or fin. A two berth cabin with room for two more in the level cockpit as well as stowage bins each side.

Great for comfortable leisurely sailing or fantastic one class racing.

Plans for the Hartley TS16: Hartley TS16 Construction Plans

Photos: http://hartley16.org and http://www.hartley16.lcsc.org.au

Hartley TS18 Trailer Sailer

Hartley TS18 Trailer Sailer The TS 18 (5.49m) trailer sailer is an excellent step up from the TS16. Centreboard, single keel or bilge keel variations available. More room, more space, a true easily handled little weekender.

Fractional or masthead rig option.

Plans for the Hartley TS18: Hartley TS18 Construction Plans

Photo: The Hartley Trailer Sailer Gallery

Hartley TS21 Trailer Sailer

Hartley TS21 Trailer Sailer The TS 21 is 6.4 meters long is the largest of the range. It can comfortably sleep four adults and has a cockpit large enough to take a crowd day sailing.

Can be built as centreboarder, single or bilge keeler and an option to choose either a fractional or masthead rig.

Plans for the Hartley TS121: Hartley TS21 Construction Plans

Photo: Hartley Boat Plans

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