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Hartley TS21 Trailer Sailer Welcome to MyTrailerSailer.com

The 50th anniversary of the Hartley TS21 trailer sailer design is fast approaching which also coincides with the length of time since Australia was introduced to the then revolutionary little 'trailer sailer' concept in earnest.

And there's no better way to celebrate this remarkable milestone than to actually build Australia's commemorative edition 50th anniversary 'trailer sailer'.

From a packet of construction plans arriving from Hartley's Boat Plans through all the ups and downs of construction, fit out and rigging to then finally sailing the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns, you can witness our entire journey.
Wall Cam - updated regularly ...

Hartley 'Trailer Sailers' started it all

An original Hartley TS21 Mk1 trailer sailerRichard Hartley's range of trailer sailers are widely recognised as being the starting point of the global 'trailer sailer' phenomenon.

They are also seen as representing the beginning of Australia's love affair with small, easily built and transported family sailing boats.

All Hartley trailer sailers are designed to be easily home built in marine plywood and timber, there's nothing really complex or difficult about them and they are relatively cheap to construct. This is one of their biggest appeals.

There are Hartley yacht clubs and associations in every state of Australia and in many other countries of the world. Regular races and regattas will keep you busy if you like the idea of close one class competition.

Trailable Yachts - a new category of small sailing boats ... for everyone!

The idea that people could easily build a small and safe family cruising/racing sailing boat in their garages, carports and sheds that could be easily towed by a small car and stored safely away when not in use took Australia by storm.

By the late 60's and all through the 70's and 80's it seemed you could not cast your eyes out on a waterway, lake, bay, harbour or inlet wthout seeing at least a handful of Hartley trailer sailers, usually TS16's, either gently sailing past or engaged in fierce racing.

The popularity of the compact trailable sailing boat concept quickly saw many different designs being produced as boat manufactures adjusted to cater for a whole new demand type. Today, almost every major yacht designer and/or manufacturer has trailable yacht versions available in their range, some only produce trailable yachts.

While there are now countless 'trailer sailer' designs being produced and on offer for the home or ameature builder all around the world one thing has remained rigidly the same - the amazing popularity of the original Hartley trailer sailers - true classics of the genre. Yacht design is all about compromise and there are those within sailing today that firmly believe Richard Hartley nailed the forumla spot on for the vast majority of people.

No matter what size Hartley trailer sailer, they all represent a fantastic way for the family to get out on the water of the great outdoors for some healthy fun without you needing to commit a fortune to the exercise or have to worry about mastering exotic materials building techniques.

Easily build your own wooden sailing boat at home

TS16 constructionYou don't need to be a professional boat builder or an expert in wood working to build your very own marine plywood trailer sailer. In fact you may be surprised at how easy the exercise can be.

The ever popular Hartley range of trailer sailers have been specifically designed for the amateur builder. Any one of them can be built and completed easily at home - assuming you've got the space, tools and some spare time for the project of course!

A small plywood trailer sailer can be built and put on the water for under $6,000 - brand spanking new. They make for an amazingly rewarding family building project where everyone can contribute.

You'll be able to join a sailing club with your own boat, enjoy picnics or weekends away, explore remote warterways, harbours and rivers and of course there's the close one class racing for those who have a competitive spirit. Its all good clean healthy fun and enjoyment too.

So, if you like the sound of getting out onto the water with a little sailing boat you've actually built yourself or if you've been searching for an easy to understand and follow resource on the subject of building a plywood trailer sailer, then we hope you'll find this website both interesting and helpful.

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